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Stage 3 - Running Man

Running Man was a 32 round field course that lived it up to its name. Shooters started behind a barricade and engaged 4 targets either through a port or around either side, then ran to a low wall and engaged 4 more targets behind the wall. The shooters then ran crossrange to engage 3 close targets on the fly as they moved to the back wall, where 6 more targets lie in wait. This stage was a real workout for the range officers, who logged a lot of miles on their Nikes. Most of the match had targets at longer distances (7-20 yards) but this stage was where all the true hosers got to show off.

Running 1

Penny Riggs engages targets through the port.

Running 2

James Thompson ambushes the targets behind the wall.

Running 3

instructors.html hoses the close targets on the run, while range officer Gary Fletcher stays in step.

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