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Stage 8 - Logan's Run

Logan's Run was a 34 round field course. The competitor started seated in a chair, facing uprange. Handgun was loaded and placed on a table behind the shooter, pointing downrange. On the start signal, the shooter got up from the chair, moved downrange, retrieved the handgun, and engaged 4 targets. The shooter then moved along a long wall with several ports, engaging paper targets and poppers as they became visible. One of the poppers, when hit, opened a window revealing more targets. The final portion of the stage required the shooter to knock down a popper activating a swinging no-shoot, which obscured targets which were to be shot from a platform.

Logan 1

Jeff Ort engages targets through the window.

Logan 2

Jeff engages the popper, activating the swinging no shoot array, before heading to the platform.

Logan 3

Tasha Erickson charges the platform and engages the last target array.

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