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Scenario 3:
You are home with a houseguest (your cousin). Your handgun is on the nightstand, and your AR-15 is in the closet. You turn in for the night but wake up when you hear an unfamiliar voice coming from the cousin's room, shouting... "GET UP! SHOW ME WHERE THE GOOD STUFF IS!

You confront an intruder with a large knife who has grabbed your cousin by the neck and is holding him/her very close. You can only see a portion of the bad guy's head.

The primary test in this scenario was whether the homeowner was willing to take a 2 yard partial head shot. The secondary test was whether the homeowner would take the handgun or the rifle to the fight.

The results from this scenario were mixed. Roughly half chose the long gun and half grabbed the handgun. Interestingly we had shooters and non-shooters with both handgun and long gun, with the key factor being an individual's confidence in their own skill. Those that were not confident in making the shot tended to wait, hoping for a better shot, which was never provided.

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