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45ACP Wilson Accu-Comp

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'Beavis 1' was my main racegun. It was built by Alan Tillman from an STI frame, Les Baer slide, and Nowlin barrel and comp. The scope mount is a Huening and the scope is an Aimpoint Comp with 10 minute dot. The frame and other parts (except for the slide) are treated with Robar's NP3 finish. I won the plating job at the Rio Salado Desert Classic in 1994.

Rather than use a large magazine release button I've chosen to remove some grip material to make the mag release button easier to access. I've found from my own and others' experiences that the big mag buttons cause you to drop magazines unexpectedly. Since I've gone back to a small button and modified the grips I have had no troubles.

The slide was cut back similar to a Beretta 9mm slide to reduce its weight. In theory this type of cut also reduces recoil and dot bounce because there is less metal slamming into the compensator as the slide goes into battery at the end of the recoil cycle.

The trigger job and flat trigger were done by Ronnie'Frank' Jones.

2000 update: Beavis has had a complete overhaul, after I wore out the barrel. It's now Penny's main racegun, with green grips, an Aimpoint XD scope, and a new Nowlin barrel and comp. We'll have new pictures up sometime soon...


45 Caliber Wilson ACP

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