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45ACP Wilson Accu-Comp

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This carry .45 is a Springfield Armory Compact Comp, which is a regular catalog item. The gun is built on the Compact (Officer's) frame and is 'Commander' length with the 1/2' comp. I added a McCormick trigger, tritium night sights, and an S&A; mag well. This gun also got a trigger job from Bob Londrigan of Brazos Valley Gunsmithing. After many, many rounds, I succeeded in wearing out the barrel, which I replaced with a non-compensated bull barrel that makes the gun shorter in overall length (end of barrel is even with end of slide). Due to the oddities of IDPA rules, this very portable, practical pistol is not 'approved' for IDPA competition, but the full size Para P14 I use for IPSC Limited class competition is.