5. FAQ Credits

This FAQ is written and maintained by:

Karl Rehn (rehn '@' krtraining.com)

USPSA A-9640, Level II Range Officer, NRA instructor and Training 


with help from:


Dave Bartlett (ak409@freenet.carleton.ca)

Beverly McCord (Beverly_McCord@oakqm3.sps.mot.com)

Daniel Berlinger (Daniel@circumtech.com)

John Ellis (harris.jellis@IC1D.harris.com)

Keith de Solla (keith@terminus.ic.cmc.ca)

John Wells (71034.1363@compuserve.com)

Chet Polo (chet.polo@tpis.cactus.org)

Barry Needham (barry@uts.amdahl.com)

Tim Moore (tmoore@tinton.ccur.com)

Andy Hollar (ahollar@aol.com)

some sections of the FAQ were extracted from:

USPSA Practical Shooting Handbook, 6th edition April 1992

(Stanford, Hollar, Metcalf, et al.)

Northwest Section Handbook, 1991 edition

(John Wells)

Canadian Black Badge Manual

(Bell, Di Paolo, et al.)

Questions, comments, suggestions, and corrections should be sent to:

Karl Rehn (rehn '@' krtraining.com)

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Last Updated: 01/13/97