Bad Dreams
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1994 Norco Friendship Classic
Stage 6:Bad Dreams
Designed by: Wally Arida
32 rounds, Comstock, 160 pts


Stage Scenario:

It was a muggy night at the ranch and just like other warm, humid nights you've kept the doors open to let the cool desert air in. The wind blows, 'Ahhh... the sweet smell of cowshit'. The sweet odor of money in the bank for you, the biggest cowshit supplier in the Norco Badlands. As you prepare for bed, you hear your cows sounding agitated. You hear voices -- cattle rustlers! You spring into action to protect what is rightfully yours. They're not gonna get away with this. Not if you can help it...

Start Position: Seated on the side of the bed, toes touching the line. Hands on knees. Empty gun inside closed nightstand A, all magazines in closed nightstand B. On signal, retrieve your empty gun and magazines, safely load a round and engage only T1-T2 through Door C.
Through Window D, engage only T3-T5.
Through Door E, and without crossing the threshold, engage only T6-T7.
Exit Door E, and from Box F, engage only T8-T10.
Proceed to barrels and through Port G engage only T11-T13.
From Box H, engage only T14. Through Port I, engage on T15-T17.
Note: All shots through Doors C & E where the shooters' foot is touching the ground outside the doors will incur a -10 point penalty.