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1994 Norco Friendship Classic
Stage 4:The Line Is Busy...
Designed by: Wally Arida
44 rounds, Comstock, 220 pts


The phones at the nuclear plant have been screwing up since this morning. You've been sent to check out the problem by the phone company, and as been your habit since you got mugged fixing a bad line during the LA riots, you're packing a piece. You climb the utility pole to check the problem. 'Hmm, everything seems to be in order here.' Then you see what the real problem was. From your position high above the ground, you can see what was going on. A band of terrorists have taken over the plant and plan to steal plutonium to make themselves a nice little atomic bomb. With the whole world unsuspecting of what's going on in the plant, you decide to spring into action.

Start Position: Above the ground on pole 1, both feet off the ground, strong hand holding telephone receiver to strong ear. Gun holstered and all magazines in the belt.

On signal, engage only T1-T3 with both feet off the ground.
Safely get down from the pole and through door A, engage only T4-T5 and only P1-P4.
Climb pole 2, and with both feet off the ground engage only T6-T8.
Safely get down from the pole, proceed downrange and engage only T9-T17 as they become visible.
Through port C, engage only T18-T20.
All shots through door A may be engaged before or after engaging targets from pole 2. All walls are hard cover. Any shot from under the walls will incur a -10 penalty per shot. A -10 penalty will be assessed for every shot footfaulting, for every shot where a procedural was incurred, and for every shot failed to engage. All steel must fall to score.