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1995 Norco Friendship Classic
Stage 4:Carlito's Way
Designed by: Wally Arida
34 rounds, Comstock, 170 pts

You have to make it to the station on time. Your girlfriend is already aboard the train waiting for you. If you can escape the Mob's hitmen, you're off to Tahiti, where a quiet life awaits you renting cars to tourists. But they have caught up with you, and the only way is through them. You will not let them stand in your way. It's Hose Time!

Start Position: in Box A, hands relaxed at sides.

On signal, engage only T1-T2 from Box A.
While going up Ramp B, engage only T3-T5. A -10 per shot footfault procedural will be assessed if any part of the shooter's foot is touching the ground while engaging T3-T5.
Through Windows E, F, G and H, engage only P1-P2, T6-T9.
Engage only T10-T11 from the area of Ramp I.
From Box J engage only T12.
From Box K, engage only T13.
From Box L, engage only T14-T16.