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Area 4

The 1996 Area 4 Championship was held in Texarkana in early June by Area 4 director Keith Milberger and his hard-working staff. Here are the complete match results. I'll have the course descriptions up real soon.

This prop was inspired by one of Keith's favorite phrases.

Bathroom Blues was one of those dreaded 'toilet' stages. Here's a good view of the whole stage, including the toilet in the lower right.

Sticks and Stones featured a Cooper Tunnel and a bunch of no-shoots. Penny shoots the targets from Box A, and here I am ducking under the tunnel on the way to Box B.

Tic Tac Go was a speed shoot with a bewildering target array.

Round To It was another speed shoot with a bunch of targets around a table at arm's length.

Old Ves McDonald Had a Farm was the most complicated stage at the match and it had the best props, including a flying pig with two shoot targets attached.

Every Which Way But Loose was a quick field course that involved shooting through different ports and a barrel.