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Space City Challenge

The 1996 Space City Challenge was held in Houston Texas in late June. It was the Texas South Section Championship. More infomation about this match can be found at the Space City Challenge home page.

Flat Tire in Mexico was one of several stages which required the competitor to shoot over and from inside a truck, as illustrated by Roy Stedman.

Buffalo Bayou Boogie had a treacherous footbridge. Here Penny engages targets from the start and end of the bridge.

Stairway to Heaven started with a holster test down a staircase, and then had a bunch of different high and low ports. Here Penny shoots the first port, and the low tunnel.

What Stinkin' Badges featured a bunch of no-shoots, and a mover. Here Joe Campiere of the Louisiana Section dodges no-shoots and blasts the mover.

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