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There's a lot more information about this match here on the USPSA WWW page, but here are some photos Penny and my friend Tim Moore took. I didn't get to shoot the match, because I was over in the Persian Gulf for work. They tell me it was a fun match.

Here's a picture of Tim and Penny.

Here's a picture of Tim, Penny, and Tim's shooting buddies from the Jersey area.

Stage 3 was called the Manville Long Branch Saloon. Here's Penny in action.

Stage 8 , The Great Outdoors, had some great props. Here's Tim dropping the axe, and shooting through the trees. Here's Bob Barry shooting that same stage.

Here's Tim shooting the 'poker' stage.

Here's Penny shooting the stage where you had to open all the ports by hand using all sorts of odd levers.

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