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The Ladies Charity Classic was hosted in May 1997 in Houston, Texas by the Women's Shooting Sports Foundation. Penny worked as a range officer for the match, and assisted over 75 women shooters of varying levels through the courses of fire. Smith and Wesson provided the guns, and Federal provided all the ammunition. The day after the Ladies Charity Classic was the Couples Cup Classic. The Couples Cup was essentially a repeat of the match from the day before, except that each woman shooter had a male shooting partner. Both partners shot the course of fire and their scores were added for the team score. Penny and I placed second overall, and Penny had the highest individual score for any competitor. Had I tied Penny's score, we would have won the match. The stages from the LCC were the inspiration for our wedding match. We'll be working the 1998 match, which will include shotgun and pistol events.

Stage Diagrams and Match Photos

Stage 1 ('9mm Plates')

Stage 2 ('Clays')

Stage 3 ('.22 Plates')

Stage 4 ('Cans')

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