Except where noted in the walkthrough, all walls by definition go to the ground and are hardcover.  Deliberately shooting through or under a wall or moving under a wall except when specifically allowed by the stage walkthrough is considered unsportsmanlike conduct and is subject to match disqualification under rule 12.03.


'In The Box'


The shooter is considered in the box when no part of the shooter's body, equipment or clothing is touching the ground outside the box.


Walk Through


The stage description will give you all the information required to successfully shoot the stage.  When the entire squad is present and ready to start a stage, the CRO will read the stage description.

If there is any part of a stage description that is unclear, call the rangemaster for a clarification.

It is the competitor's responsibility to read and understand the stage description.


Match Brass


Competitors may collect their squad's brass as long as it does not impede the progress of the next shooter.  Brass remaining on the ground once the squad has completed shooting the stage becomes the property of Mile-Hi Showdown.




The Mile-Hi Showdown is staffed entirely by volunteers.  All shooters are asked to work half a day as range officers or helpers.  Because others work while you shoot, allowing you to concentrate on your shooting, and they are depending on you to give them the same consideration. Failure to fulfill your work assignment will be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.



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