Match Safety Information

Cold Range

The Clear Creek County Sportsman's Club is a cold range.  Guns are to be loaded only on the line and under the superviosion of a range officer.  Guns will be unloaded and holstered or cased unless in a designated safety area.

Safety Areas

All safety areas are marked with Safety Area signs.  Do your dry-firing, gun repairs or show off your gun here.  No ammunition may be handled in any safety area! Load your magazines at the stage or anywhere else, but not in the safety area.

your Gun

Do this only at a designated safety area.  Any gun handling at your car is PROHIBITED and can result in a match DQ (12.01 IV).  Under CRO supervision you may case and uncase at each stage.


No alcohol or drugs will be allowed on the range at any time.

Hazard Areas

No climbing on hillsides or berms. Please supervise your children's actions.  Be watchful of your family as well as others.  Eye and ear protection is mandatory for competitors and spectators.  Do not cross any marked hazard lines.

Obey Your Range

The ROs are there to ensure your safety.  Please follow their instructions and heed their warnings. If they feel that your gun handling is becoming unsafe they will try to warn you.  If they see that your gun handling has become unsafe they will take immediate corrective action even if no warning has been given. If you hear the command to stop, stop in place with muzzle safely pointed downrange and await further instructions.


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