You will be chronographed at the same time you shoot stage 5.  Ammo may be pulled at any time and must make your declared power factor at all times during the match.  Chronographing will be in accordance with 7.26 of the Practical Shooting Handbook, 7th Edition 1995.

Unsafe Gun

You are responsible for using a safe gun and ammunition.  Any gun or ammo determined to be unsafe must be withdrawn (7.06, 7.07, 7.27, US 7.27).  Unserviceable guns may be changed with the consent of the match director or rangemaster (7.08, US 7.08).

Drawings &

Stage drawings in this booklet may change due to safety, administrative or production considerations.  Additional no-shoots and other changes  may be made to a stage.  You are responsible for understanding the conditions and requirements of each stage.  Inspect each stage carefully and check for any changes posted in the on-stage description.

Rules, Policy & Procedure


Practical Shooting Handbook, 7th Edition 1995.


Prize table is in overall order of finish.  Classes and categories will be recognized by plaques.


The arbitration fee is $85.00 cash.  To arbitrate a problem ask the CRO at the stage for an Arbitration Request form and assistance in retraining evidence and completing the form.  Complete and return the form WITHIN ONE HOUR of the incident together with the fee.  See rules 9.31 and Section 13.  Return it to the CRO of the stage, Rangemaster or Match Director.  No appeals will be accepted if not filed within the one hour time limit.

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