This is not an arbitration form.  If you fill out a problem report you are wasting the one hour time limit for filing an arbitration request.  Use the problem report to request administrative review and response to scoring errors, reshoot requests and other problems you do not want arbitrated.  NO FEE IS CHARGED FOR THIS SERVICE.


Compare your hit factors with those posted.  If you find an error, fill out a Shooter Problem Report and turn it in to a member of the stats crew.  They will handle your request and reply to you.  Stage results will be posted at the range for 60 minutes and at the match hotel for 30 minutes for verification.  Final scores will be distributed at the awards banquest Saturday evening.  No scores will be mailed.


The stage procedure describes the shooting positions in the order in which you MUST move.  You may not move back to a previous position once you have engaged a target from a subsequent position.

Order of

Targets specified from a shooting position may be engaged in any order.

Order of

Best two hits on paper will be scored.  All steel must be knocked down to score.  A target is engaged when it has been fired at ONCE.  If you do not shoot at a target, it is only ONE procedural (plus applicable misses).


If you fire while faulting a line, advantage will be assumed to have been taken and a penality will be assessed for each shot fired while faulting the line.



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