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Stage Description

Standing in Box A facing downrange, strong hand holding coffee cup at chest level. Weak hand holding briefcase. On signal, drop coffee cup and briefcase and engage the 'tires' on Car #1 from Box A only. Engage the remaining targets as they become visible. T1-T4 must be engaged through ports on Car #1. T5-T8 must be engaged through ports on Car #2. T9-T12 and P1-P2 must be engaged through port on Car #3. 'Tires' on Car #3 must be engaged before passing Car #2.

Force Stage


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Car #1 Tom
Tom Robertson engages the targets through Car #1.

Paul Stage 6 #1Paul Stage 6 #2
Paul Payne hoses Car #2

Car #3 Jim
Jim Nelson finishes up.

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