TASC August match

The Texas Action Shooting Club put on a double match for their regular August club event: a 4 stage IPSC match, followed by a 4 stage Texas Steel Challenge match.

Here's the stage and match results for the IPSC match:

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Match pg 1

Match pg 2

John Kochan was trying out his digital camera and provided us with the following photos:

Karl shoots Outer Limits.

John shoots Five To Go.

Penny hits the Five To Go stop plate.

A great shot of Speed Option.

Victoria shoots over the barricade.

and strong handed through the port.

Karl shoots through the middle port.

and goes 'Hollywood style' for the weak hand port.

John shoots through the doorway.

A wide view of stage 1.

Penny shoots the low point on stage 1.

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