John and Kelli's Wedding Match

On October 7th, 2000, KR Training instructors John 'Designated Bad Guy' Kochan, and Kelli 'Six Gun' Mathiason got married. On the following day, they put on an IPSC match in celebration of that event. The match included 5 wedding-themed stages including 'Inlaws and 'Outlaws', 'Wedding Bells Too', and 'Speak Now'. A rainy, cold morning gave way to a mostly dry afternoon, and we all enjoyed cake at the range. John and Kelli awarded special commemorative coffee mugs to class winners.

John and Kelli first met at our wedding match back in 1998, and they started dating shortly after they 'shared a target' at a Defensive Shotgun class we hosted. They both come from 'shooting families' and members of the Mathiason and Kochan families shot in the wedding match, alongside friends, former students, and area IPSC competitors, some of whom drove many hours in the rain to attend this important event.

Here are some photos from the match.

Stage 1 - Speak Now

Stage 2 - Inlaws and Outlaws

Stage 3 - Get Me To the Church On Time

Stage 4 - Wedding Bells Too

Stage 5 - Last Dance

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