2000 USPSA Open National and Pan American Championship Match KR Training meta info goes here
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September 16-22, PASA Park, Barry, Illinois. Linked below are photos from several stages shot by Squad 20.  Photos were taken by Penny Riggs
and feature most of the squad. Here are some photos of the squad mascot, Catfish. Stage 1 Doni Johnston, Jerry Miculek, Sheila Brey, Tonda Gilfillan
Stage 2 Kay Clark Miculek, Tonda
Stage 3 Mike Lovett, Barbara Sumrall
Stage 6 Mike, Sheila, Rosie Rosel, Kim Stroud
Stage 8 Julie Goloski
Stage 9 Sheila, Barb
Stage 11 Max Gilfillan
Stage 15 Tonda, Sharon Anne Stinson
Stage 17 Guillermo Rodriguez, Lisa Munson
Stage 18 Julie, Kay, Rosie, Tom Flett, Perry Wilson