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A few years ago the Texas Star target made its first appearance at a Texas match. This stage featured another new prop: the Texas Windmill. Yes, that's right. A windmill. As in, four targets spinning round like an airplane propeller. The windmill used at this match was built by Robert Porter. He sells them for $75 plus shipping. Any one interested can e-mail him at scorch@wf.net or call 940-692-3846. This wasn't actually the first windmill to show up in a Texas match. Another windmill showed up at a match in Coleman, TX prior to the state Limited match.

To quote Robert: 'No, I did not base this design on one I saw at Coleman. It was like two great minds coming up with the same idea at the same time. The designs are similar but Coleman's turns about four times faster (really) and goes in both directions. I had the idea to build one for about four years and got around to building one for my home club recently. About the windmill: it has four targets on it that spin around like a windmill. The power is supplied by a heavy weight wrapped around the shaft of the windmill and a lighter weight is used on the target sticks or the pulley mounted on the back. The smaller weight gives the windmill an instant boost to get it moving at speed right away. The other weight just keeps it going. You can vary the speed of the targets by adding more weight to the 'motor' or placing the smaller weight on the pulley at the back. At our next match I am going to put No-shoots (ONLY 2) on the Texas windmill and targets behind the Texas windmill. By the way, you can run the Texas windmill with 2 or 4 targets on it or more if you can figure out how to staple then on the wood sticks. Another way to use it is to have a wall with ports and have the pulley and shaft sticking out front of the wall and the targets behind. Have the shooter turn the targets to the port or spin it and shoot the targets. Lots and Lots of ways to use this prop.'

Still photos don't provide the full windmill experience. Download one or more of the videos to see this great prop in action.

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VIDEOS: Dana R, Matt B, Tyson

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