'Root'n- Toot'n Yosemite': Stage 4, 2002 Texas State Limited Championship KR Training meta info goes here
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This stage was a straightforward run-n-gun stage...sort of. Opening the door activated a horizontal swinger: three targets all moving back and forth, left and right, in-between and behind 3 hard cover targets. Just to make it interesting, one stationary target on the end. All shot through a port on your left a few steps into the doorway. Take a few steps forward, down the hall, and through a port on your right are 4 steel plates. One of them is visible through a steel hard cover with the A-zone cut out. Knock down that steel and that activates a 'bear trap' target that pops up a shoot target, and about 1 second later, a no-shoot pops up to cover everything but the head on the 'shoot' target. But wait, there's more!

Exit the hall and run, Forrest, run to the low wall, where two targets are hiding down low, then through Port C, a narrow little vertical slot, there's a wide open shoot target at 1 yard (yay!) and 4 more plates and 3 poppers all lined up behind each other.

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