"Fancy Funeral Anyone?": Stage 8, 2002 Texas State Limited Championship KR Training meta info goes here
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This was another field course that had a mix of shooting challenges. Opening the door revealed a lone popper that activated a swinger that was visible down the hallway and through the window to the right. The right window also showed two targets. If you opened the door and then engaged the targets through the right window, you had to watch out for the door as you moved left, because it was probably still open and right in your way. (Cue: George of the Jungle fans 'watch out for that tree!') Moving left, around the door, there were two targets through the left window and then four targets in pairs separated by a wall. Most people shot these targets on the run as they moved to the 36" high port. Through the high port there were four more targets scattered amongst 55 gallon drums and a no-shoot. Most everyone shot these from a squat or kneeling. The trick was ending up in the right spot to shoot all four targets without having to move around once you went down. We got lots of good action photos on this photogenic stage.


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