'Flag Day Bugs': Stage 9, 2002 Texas State Limited Championship KR Training meta info goes here
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If 'Beep-Beep' was the hoser stage, this was the precision stage, with a high hit factor in the 5's. Start at the bottom of the stairs. Climb the stairs. Shoot the low target, shoot the popper across the range (on the right, if you were on the left stairs), then shoot the dual swinger. That's right: the dual swinger. As it went by, you saw target 1, target 2. Both went out of sight, then you got target 2, target 1 as they came back into view. Climb down the stairs and go low (squat, kneel, etc.) to shoot the target through the 'tent', then back up the stairs, shoot the low target, and face the opposite corner of the berm and shoot another popper and dual swinger. Because this was a low round count stage and half the points were on the dual swingers, the strategy of 'hose and hope' on the swingers didn't work out, although several people tried it anyway. The photos show Top Senior Benny Hill and Top Woman Renee Tyson along with Limited 10 shooter David Birdwell in action.

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