'Marvin and K9 on Patrol': Stage 10, 2002 Texas State Limited Championship KR Training meta info goes here
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One more mostly-symmetrical field course. This 27-rounder started with you standing in the box, with open targets at your 9' and 3'o clock positions (that's left and right). Pick a direction. Shoot one and turn and shoot the other as you move around the wall. Then you have 4 more open targets down the edge of the berm to shoot, with the back target at 20 yards or so. Make a 90 degree turn and go down the center lane, engaging paper and steel through the ports. Then you get to charge down the other edge of the berm, hosing your way down to the end, where you have to hit the brakes (to avoid overrunning the fault line) and engage one last target hiding behind a stack of 55 gallon drums.

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