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Lena art pic

Click on the thumbnail pictures for larger (~800x600) images. More info about the match is on the Steel Challenge page.

Here's a picture of Match Winner Tatsuya Sakai and his Japanese teammates (photo by Jamie Foote)

4-time Steel Challenge champ Kay Miculek steps into the 2nd box on Outer Limts:

Jamie Foote has a good run on Outer Limits, then helps RO Mike Roberts Jr herd cattle.

The cattle were inquisitive during the match. If you look closely, you can see two of our bovine friends up in the hills.

Linda Foote and Stuart Browne tackle Pendulum:

Jamie also contributed a couple pics of Penny -- shooting OuterLimits with the new Briley Platemaster while Mike Roberts RO's. The cattle made things interesting on this stage.

Sunday, August 22, 2004. Steel Challenge Shootoff

Quick Cal Eilrich gets warmed up

Todd Jarrett and Jerry Miculek go over the plan for their first round

Team KR's Roy Stedman joins Athena Lee in the shootoff. The Texas shooters won the first round and got off to a good start against Jerry and Todd in round two by winning the first of their 3 bouts.

Here's TEAM KRTRAINING including our San Antonio shooting buddies:

Roy, Stuart, Trapr, Scout, Penny, Jamie, and Linda

More are pics and video are on Roy's site.

THANK YOU to all the sponsors and staff of Steel Challenge, especially Briley Pistol Division.