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The 2010 "Polite Society" Tactical Conference was held the last weekend of April, 2010 at the US Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This event, organized by Tom Givens of Rangemaster, is similar to law enforcement training conferences, but this event is open to private sector trainers and students as well as law enforcement and military personnel. It includes a live fire shooting competition and multiple training seminars on a variety of topics related to personal defense. KR Training was well represented at this year's conference, with instructors Karl Rehn, Tom Hogel, Brian Brown, Joe Dunkerson and Robby Dunkerson attending, along with many graduates of KR Training courses.

Karl finished in 3rd place overall in the live fire competition, and Brian Brown won the live fire shoot house event. Tom and Brian also received their SureFire Tactical Technology Specialist instructor certifications by attending a certification course held during the event.

For this year's training session KR Training was given a 4 hour block in the USSA shoot house.  The goal was to provide a training opportunity for as many conference attendees as possible within the time allowed. We therefore chose to run participants through a small set of four scenarios, to evaluate some specific behaviors and responses. We developed 3 home defense scenarios and one restaurant scenario.  In total, we ran 7 groups of 4 as well as some smaller groups through the scenarios. Karl and Tom Hogel coordinated and debriefed the scenarios, and Brian served as our Designated Bad Guy.

Pictures from the live fire scenarios, live fire shoot house, and SureFire suppressor demonstration

PICT0837 PICT0939 PICT0940 PICT0943
PICT0944 PICT0966 PICT0967 PICT0974
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Youtube videos from the shoothouse: overhead view of Karl's run, two runs with Brian's helmet cam The live fire shoot house scenario was that you were in the waiting room of a doctor's office, and your child was in an examining room with the doctor. The estranged husband of one of the nurses comes in through a back door and begins shooting. The sound of his shots is your signal to start moving through the office to rescue your child.