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Welcome to the pit


KR Training put on a seminar for the Austin Police Dept. SWAT team. The course included lecture and discussion of advanced shooting skills, live-fire drills similar to IPSC competition courses, and a force-on-force roleplaying exercise which focused on interaction between on-duty officers, off-duty officers, concealed handgun permit holders, bystanders and attackers in deadly force situations.


Shooting the mover, around the corner.

Mag change

Mag change from behind cover (look close - the mag is just starting to fall).


Officer down!

Rescue 2

Pulled to safety...

new 2

Another threat, lurking around the corner.

new 3

There's always plenty of paperwork to do.

new 4

Trouble can surprise you at any time and you just have to deal with it.

Karl explains

Karl explains the next drill.