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In October 2003, Tom Givens and Jim Higginbotham of Rangemaster (Memphis, TN), visited KR Training to teach a Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship course. Here are photos and videos. Click on the thumbnail images to get larger images. Tom and Jim will be back in October 2004 to offer the Dynamic Pistol Marksmanship course again. The 2004 course will include a special session of force-on-force scenarios run by Karl and the KR Training crew.


Tom and Jim at the front of the classroom

Tom and Jim (wearing hat) in the classroom

Giving students the rundown

Tom explains the next live fire drill.

Students on the range

Shooting the Rangemaster qualification course.

Looks like we have a sharp shot

A perfect score.

Tom giving Mike his certificate

Mike gets his certificate.

Tom gives Matt his certificate

Matt gets his certificate.