SWAT Team IPSC Match SWAT Team IPSC match
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KR Training, in association with the Hill Country Practical Pistol Club and the Schaefer Training Academy, recently put on a seminar for the Travis County SWAT team on the application of IPSC training techniques for law-enforcement. The complete story is here in the article I submitted to Front Sight, the US Practical Shooting magazine.

While many critics of IPSC competition claim that it is not 'practical' enough for law enforcement training I believe that it is significantly better than the traditional timed-fire qualification courses shot by most departments. The courses of fire for the match were developed in conjunction with the SWAT training officers to stress use of cover and precision shooting under stress. The 7 stages listed below were designed to be shot in sequence, as each course increases in complexity and difficulty.

  1. Bill Drills
  2. Super Twist
  3. Barricade 1
  4. Shoot N Move
  5. Door Jam
  6. My Partner is a Dummy
  7. Pure Hosing

DISCLAIMER: These courses of fire were presented to the SWAT team as examples of civilian competition and are not examples of their regular tactical training or official policies regarding use of deadly force.

Competitors lining up
Aiming from crouched position
Peeking around the barricade
Firing at a target