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In Februrary 1999, KR Training brought in Greg Hamilton and his InSights Training instructor team to teach a 2 day Street and Vehicle Tactics course. The class was a tremendous success, drawing 24 students, including KR Training instructors and Advanced Training graduates, instructors from SDSI (Dallas) and American Shooting Center (Houston), law enforcement instructors from Louisiana, and other students from all over the state. The subject of the course was tactics. All exercises were conducted with aluminum and plastic dummy guns, and with firearms modified to fire Code Eagle marking ammunition. Topics included: reading body language, understanding the reactionary gap (and making it work to your advantage), movement, pieing corners, some unarmed defense skills, an introduction to tactical driving, and lots of scenarios played out against live opponents.

Here are some selected photos from the class.

Drawstroke demonstration

Greg demonstrates a basic drawstroke.

Can't drive away this time

If you can't drive away, you may have to shoot.

Opening a door

Learning a better way to open a door. Being left-handed has its advantages.

<p align=Pieing the doorway.

course debriefing

Debriefing a convenience store scenario (complete with simulated groceries).