1998 Area 4 Championship (Mardi Gras)

Area 4 banner

The 1998 Area 4 championship was held May 29-31 in Texarkana, Texas. It was the third year for the match to be held at the Texarkana range. This year's match had a special Mardi Gras theme, thanks to the contributions of the Cajun contingent. As the sign above says, it was 'the end of the pig' (the flying 'no shoot' pig prop wasn't used this year - we had gators instead). The Area 4 match just keeps getting better: challenging, fun stages, lots of wild props and mechanical targets, and a bunch of great people having a wonderful time.

The photos here are just random samples from the match that Penny and I took as we shot the match and watched other squads. Look at the USPSA site for match results, course descriptions, and other information.

Match Photos

Stage 3 ('Swamp Boogie')

Stage 4 ('Ragin Cajun')

Stage 5 ('All That Jazz')

Stage 6 ('Gator Alley')

Stage 7 ('Creole Cookin')

Stage 8 ('Singin the Blues')

Stage 9 ('Swinging on Bourbon Street')

Stage 10 ('Saints March')

Stage 11 ('Crawdaddies')

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